There’s very few rules to go by. Right now, we have the following rules in place:

#1 Rule: We make the rules, we’ll admin the rules.
#2 Rule: If you don’t see a rule, that means we allow it.

Punks and whiners will be kicked/banned.
Spawn killing is OK.
Do not use armor to rape uncappable bases.
Do not hassle admins
Hacks/Cheats/Glitches will get you banned via PBBANs
Do not harass other players
It’s hardcore, TKs happen. Consistent TK’ing means you suck and probably shouldn’t be playing.

The “TK” part above is for the player(s) that consistently get kicked for Tk’ing over and over.

Admins do the admining, players do the playing. Admins will mostly play the game and admin very little. Arguing in game is NOT ALLOWED. Period.

Auto balance is on and we’ll make sure it’s working. If in the event auto balance fails, IWZ members will attempt to even the teams by first switching themselves to the team that is short of players, then by evening the teams through admin commands. If this doesn’t work, we will note the players that are more than likely team-switching and kick them with a notice as to why they were kicked.
Other rules as we see fit. We pay for the server. If you don’t like our rules, don’t play on our server. If you think our “attitude” will make us lose players, tough. There’s plenty of people out there with “our attitude”, if you don’t like the way we do things, go find yourselves a different community/server to play on.


  1. Glitching – Glitching is getting into an object, above the ceiling, into a wall, etc. whereby you can shoot out but the other players cannot shoot in and kill you. What glitching is not: Glitching isn’t using a MAV to elevate a player beyond the normal height of the playing field. This is a bug and it is playable by both sides of the game. One may shoot players that are elevated when they’re in position to shoot you.
  2. Hacking – We define hacking as the use of third-party applications/hacks to cheat and do things that the ordinary, non-hacking player cannot do. Such as: Aim Bots, Wall Clipping, Advanced Radar/Minimap hacks, “Nukes” of a server whereby the player kills all other players instantly, unlimited ammo, unlimited health, colored skins, etc. If we are in doubt as to whether a players is cheating or not, we reserve the right to discuss the issue and act upon the situation accordingly. We may choose to immediately kick and/or ban hackers or suspected hackers, without warning and without any recourse by the offending player.
  3. Punks – Punks, smacktards, asshats, or otherwise players that harass other players and admins are not tolerated. We set the definition. If you fit that definition, you’re history.
  4. Armor Rape – Raping an uncappable base by sitting in or near that base with armor and killing the enemy. This is not allowed and is a kickable offense. If you continually do this more than once on the server, you may be banned.
  5. Hassling Admins – Arguing with admins in the game is a HUGE no-no. You will be kicked with a warning as to why you were kicked. An admin may justify a kick by simply stating “Annoying” at the time of the kick. Do not annoy/hassle our admins.